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    Visionary artist, Producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist,

    poet, sound healer & experience designer.



    It goes beyond the physical, the shapes:

    the astral and the dream world,.

    going deep in the darkness, heavenly in the lightness.

    Unveiling your truth.

    Pay close attention to the vibrations.

    The transmutation, the energetic points of our bodies, the message,

    the deep journey within, the present moment in time.


    The astral & the solar.

    The distinctive perfume of the essence of life.

  • Step into a spacial timeline...



    Delicately conceptualizing and crafting immersive journeys, with the purpose to sculpt life experiences that beckon you to tap to your inner power and connect with your celestial essence.

    Gliding effortlessly into the quantum realm, where infinite possibilities dance in the cosmic ballet.

    Bringing a dynamic and melodic experience while inviting listeners into higher states of consciousness.


    Infusing rhythmic beats that transport people into states of euphoric dancing and heart-centered bliss, guiding them on a deep and transformative journey to freedom of mind.


    Weaving the ethereal strands of binaural waves, healing vibrations, crystal bowls, sound beats, & some other magic… mesmerizing tapestry unfolds.


    Gently leading you through the mystic realms, nurturing the seeds of your manifestations.



    The alchemy of the present.

    As you traverse the realms of your higher self, each emotion and mental state is a brushstroke on the canvas of your existence.


    With each moment experienced in the now, a subtle shift occurs, a transformation in the fabric of your being. As the kaleidoscope of your perception turns, so too does the panorama of your life.


    Embrace this enchanting truth: your reality is a living tapestry woven from the threads of your present-moment experiences.

    Witness the alchemical dance unfold, as your life gracefully transforms in harmony with the changing colors of your perception.

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    Marsseia is a versatile visionary artist, seamlessly blending her roles as a music producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, sound healer, poet, and experience designer. With dedicated experience in the realm of music and a foundation in visual arts, she possesses a unique skill set. Her creative journey is not just about crafting aesthetically pleasing experiences but extends to a profound commitment to therapeutic practices that nurture the well-being of the nervous system.


    Driven by the joy of designing enchanting, magical, and transcendent experiences, Mar places a strong emphasis on human connection and practices aimed at rewiring the brain for wellness. Her passion lies in the creation of beautiful sonic landscapes and visually stimulating environments that facilitate a transformative journey for individuals.

    Beyond the surface of her artistic pursuits, Mar harbors a purposeful mission — to usher in a wave of light and awareness. Through the harmonious fusion of music and quantum visions, she aspires to guide the world towards a higher state of consciousness.


    Cosmic Soundbaths, High-Vibrational DJ sets, transformative sonic journeys, guided meditations and more... Intentionally crafting and curating enchanting and transformative experiences, which serve as a powerful energetic container to transform our energy, heighten awareness, elevate consciousness, and bring visions to life.

    Incorporating elements that engage all the senses, such as deep global sounds, captivating soundscapes, visuals and aromas that evoke emotion, to enhance the experiential journey towards expanded states of awareness and consciousness.